Deleted Books

These are the books I once owned, but have sold or given away. I don't do it much, but the library has been through one serious purge (in 2019) so the list is up to a few hundred.

This page is generated from my library database, which I generated with a bar-code scanner (with some help from the Web). You can also see the complete list of books I own.

I have deleted 594 books from my collection.

Abbey, Lynn   Jerlayne
Abercrombie, Joe   The Blade Itself
Ackley-McPhail, Danielle; Bastine, Diana (ed.)   Gaslight & Grimm
Adams, Guy   Once Upon a Time In Hell
Adams, Guy   The World House
Akers, Tim   Heart of Veridon
Allston, Aaron   Galatea in 2-D
Anderson, Poul   Operation Luna
Anthony, Mark   Beyond the Pale
Anthony, Piers   For Love of Evil
Anthony, Piers   Man from Mundania
Anthony, Piers   Ogre, Ogre
Arakawa Hiromu   Fullmetal Alchemist (vol 1)
Arakawa Hiromu   Fullmetal Alchemist (vol 2)
Asaro, Catherine   Catch the Lightning
Asaro, Catherine (ed.)   Irresistable Forces
Ash, Sarah   Lord of Snow and Shadows (The Tears of Artamon, book 1)
Asher, Neal   Gridlinked
Asher, Neal   Prador Moon
Attanasio, A. A.   The Dragon and the Unicorn
Bacon-Smith, Camille   Eye of the Daemon
Baker, Keith   The City of Towers (The Dreaming Dark, book 1)
Baker, Keith   The Shattered Land (The Dreaming Dark, book 2)
Baker, Keith   The Gates of Night (The Dreaming Dark, book 3)
Ball, Margaret   No Earthly Sunne
Ballantyne, Tony   Dream London
Barlough, Jeffrey E.   Dark Sleeper
Barnes, John   Mother of Storms
Barrett, Neal Jr.   The Prophecy Machine
Barron, Laird   The Imago Sequence
Barron, Thomas A.   Heartlight
Barron, Thomas A.   The Merlin Effect
Baudino, Gael   Maze of Moonlight
Baudino, Gael   Strands of Sunlight
Baudino, Gael   O Greenest Branch! (Water, Book 1)
Baxter, Stephen   Anti-Ice
Baxter, Stephen   Raft
Baxter, Stephen   Voyage
Baxter, Stephen B.   Timelike Infinity
Bear, Elizabeth   Hammered
Bear, Greg   Hull Zero Three
Bear, Greg   Slant
Bein, Steve   Daughter of the Sword
Bell, Clare   People of the Sky
Benford, Gregory   Across the Sea of Suns
Benson, Amber   Death's Daughter
Berg, Carol   Transformation (Rai-Kirah, book 1)
Berg, Carol   Revelation (Rai-Kirah, book 2)
Berg, Carol   Restoration (Rai-Kirah, book 3)
Besher, Alexander   Rim
Bishop, Anne   Daughter of the Blood
Black, Holly   Tithe
Black, Holly   Valiant
Bond, Gwenda   The Woken Gods
Bontecou, Lee   Lee Bontecou: A Retrospective
Bowes, Richard   From the Files of the Time Rangers
Bradley, Rebecca   Lady in Gil
Brennan, Herbie   Faerie Wars
Brennan, Marie   In Ashes Lie
Brennan, Marie   A Star Shall Fall
Briggs, Patricia   Dragon Blood
Briggs, Patricia   The Hob's Bargain
Briggs, Patricia   Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, book 1)
Briggs, Patricia   Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, book 2)
Briggs, Patricia   Raven's Shadow
Briggs, Patricia   When Demons Walk
Broderick, Damien   Godplayers
Broderick, Damien   K-Machines
Brooke, Keith   Harmony
Bryan, Kathleen   The Serpent and the Rose
Butcher, Jim   Storm Front (Dresden Files, 1)
Butcher, Jim   Small Favor (Dresden Files, 10)
Butcher, Jim   Turn Coat (Dresden Files, 11)
Butcher, Jim   Changes (Dresden Files, 12)
Butcher, Jim   Ghost Story (Dresden Files, 13)
Butcher, Jim   Cold Days (Dresden Files, 14)
Butcher, Jim   Skin Game (Dresden Files, 15)
Butcher, Jim   Fool Moon (Dresden Files, 2)
Butcher, Jim   Grave Peril (Dresden Files, 3)
Butcher, Jim   Summer Knight (Dresden Files, 4)
Butcher, Jim   Death Masks (Dresden Files, 5)
Butcher, Jim   Blood Rites (Dresden Files, 6)
Butcher, Jim   Dead Beat (Dresden Files, 7)
Butcher, Jim   Proven Guilty (Dresden Files, 8)
Butcher, Jim   White Night (Dresden Files, 9)
Butcher, Jim   Side Jobs (Dresden Files, anthology)
Butcher, Jim   Furies of Calderon
Cadigan, Pat   Synners
Caine, Rachel   Undone (Outcast Season, book 1)
Caine, Rachel   Unknown (Outcast Season, book 2)
Caine, Rachel   Unseen (Outcast Season, book 3)
Caine, Rachel   Unbroken (Outcast Season, book 4)
Caine, Rachel   Ill Wind (Weather Warden, book 1)
Caine, Rachel   Heat Stroke (Weather Warden, book 2)
Caine, Rachel   Chill Factor (Weather Warden, book 3)
Caine, Rachel   Windfall (Weather Warden, book 4)
Caine, Rachel   Firestorm (Weather Warden, book 5)
Caine, Rachel   Thin Air (Weather Warden, book 6)
Caine, Rachel   Gale Force (Weather Warden, book 7)
Caine, Rachel   Cape Storm (Weather Warden, book 8)
Caine, Rachel   Total Eclipse (Weather Warden, book 9)
Calder, Richard   The Twist
Campbell, Alan   Scar Night
Campbell, Marion   The Dark Twin
Card, Orson Scott   The Memory of Earth
Carey, Diane L.   The Great Starship Race (Star Trek, No 67)
Carey, Jacqueline   Banewreaker
Carey, Jacqueline   Godslayer
Carmody, Isobelle   The Farseekers
Carmody, Isobelle   Obernewtyn
Carter, Lin   The Xothic Legend Cycle
Carter, Lin (ed.)   Flashing Swords 5: Demons And Daggers
Carter, Lin (ed.)   Flashing Swords 5: Demons And Daggers
Carver, Jeffrey   Dragons in the Stars
Carver, Jeffrey   The Infinity Link
Chalker, Jack   Echoes of the Well of Souls (Watchers at the Well, Book 1)
Chalker, Jack   The Cybernetic Walrus (The Wonderland Gambit, No 1)
Chalker, Jack   The March Hare Network (The Wonderland Gambit, No 2)
Cherryh, C. J.   Foreigner: A Novel of First Contact
Christian, Deborah   Kar Kalim
Christian, Deborah   Mainline
Christian, Deborah   The Truthsayer's Apprentice
Clemens, James   Shadowfall (The Godslayer Chronicles, book 1)
Cockayne, Steve   Wanderers and Islanders (Legends of the Land 1)
Cockayne, Steve   The Iron Chain (Legends of the Land 2)
Cockayne, Steve   The Seagull Drovers (Legends of the Land 3)
Colfer, Eoin   Artemis Fowl
Cook, Dawn   First Truth
Cook, Glen   Deadly Quicksilver Lies
Cook, Glen   Dread Brass Shadows
Cook, Glen   Old Tin Sorrows
Cook, Glen   Petty Pewter Gods
Cook, Glen   Red Iron Nights
Cook, Glen   The Garrett Files (Sweet Silver Blues, Bitter Gold Hearts, Cold Copper Tears)
Cook, Rick   Wizard's Bane
Cooper, Brenda   Edge of Dark
Dalkey, Kara   Steel Rose
Dantec, Maurice G.   Cosmos Incorporated
Davidson, Avram; Davis, Grania   Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty
Davidson, Rjurik   Unwrapped Sky
De Abaitua, Matthew   The Destructives
De Haven, Tom   The End-Of-Everything Man (Chronicles of the King's Tramp, Book 2)
De Haven, Tom   The Last Human (Chronicles of the King's Tramp, Book 3)
de Lint, Charles   Dreams Underfoot
de Lint, Charles   Drink Down the Moon
de Pierres, Marianne   Dark Space
Deakins, Jean   Barrow
Del Franco, Mark   Unshapely Things
DeMatteis, J. M.   Mercy
Derleth, August   In Lovecraft's Shadow
Devenport, Emily   Godheads
Dick, Philip K.   The Game-Players of Titan
Dillard, J. M.   Emissary (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Doctorow, Cory   Eastern Standard Tribe
Donaldson, Stephen   The Runes of the Earth (The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, book 1)
Donaldson, Stephen R.   The Mirror of Her Dreams
Donaldson, Stephen R.   The Wounded Land
Douglas, Carole Nelson   Cup of Clay (Taliswoman, Book 1)
Douglas, Carole Nelson   Seed upon the Wind (Taliswoman, Book 2)
Duncan, Dave   The Alchemist's Apprentice
Duncan, Dave   The Alchemist's Code
Duncan, Dave   The Alchemist's Pursuit
Duncan, Dave   The Jaguar Knights (A Chronicle of the King's Blades)
Duncan, Dave   Pock's World
Duncan, Dave   Past Imperative (Round One of the Great Game)
Duncan, Dave   Future Indefinite (Round Three of the Great Game)
Duncan, Dave   Present Tense (Round Two of the Great Game)
Dunstall, S. K.   Linesman
Durham, David Anthony   Acacia
Edelman, Davis Louis   Infoquake
Edgerton, Teresa   The Gnome's Engine
Edgerton, Teresa   The Queen's Necklace
Edghill, Rosemary (ed.)   Murder by Magic
Egan, Greg   Diaspora
Egan, Greg   Schild's Ladder
Egan, Greg   Teranesia
Eggers, Dave   What is the What
Elkins, Aaron   Skeleton Dance
Erikson, Steven   Deadhouse Gates
Erikson, Steven   Gardens of the Moon
Eschbach, Andreas   The Carpet Makers
Evenson, Brian   Immobility
Fancher, Jane S.   Ring of Lightning (Dance of the Rings, Book 1)
Fancher, Jane S.   Ring of Intrigue (Dance of the Rings, Book 2)
Farrell, Matthew   Thunder Rift
Feintuch, David   Challenger's Hope
Feintuch, David   Fisherman's Hope
Feintuch, David   Midshipman's Hope
Feintuch, David   Prisoner's Hope
Fforde, Jasper   The Eyre Affair
Fforde, Jasper   Lost in a Good Book
Fforde, Jasper   Something Rotten
Fforde, Jasper   The Well of Lost Plots
Fletcher, Charlie   The Oversight
Fletcher, Charlie   The Remnant
Flewelling, Lynn   Hidden Warrior
Flynn, Michael   In the Lion's Mouth
Flynn, Michael   The January Dancer
Flynn, Michael   Up Jim River
Ford, Jeffrey   The Physiognomy
Ford, Richard   Kultus
Forward, Robert L.   Timemaster
Francis, Diana Pharaoh   Path of Fate
Franklin, Cheryl J.   Fire Crossing
Freireich, Valerie   The Beacon
Friedman, C. S.   Crown of Shadows (Coldfire Trilogy, Book 3)
Friesner, Esther   Yesterday We Saw Mermaids
Furey, Maggie   Aurian
Garrison, Peter   The Changeling War (Changeling Saga, 1)
Gemmell, David   Knights of Dark Renown
Gerrold, David   Jumping Off The Planet
Gilman, Felix   Thunderer
Glass, Isabel   The Divided Crown
Goldstein, Lisa   Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon
Goldstein, Lisa   Summer King, Winter Fool
Goodkind, Terry   Wizard's First Rule
Green, Simon R.   Drinking Midnight Wine
Green, Simon R.   The Man with the Golden Torc (Drood 1)
Green, Simon R.   Daemons Are Forever (Drood 2)
Green, Simon R.   Agents of Light and Darkness (Nightside 2)
Green, Simon R.   Hex and the City (Nightside 4)
Green, Simon R.   Paths Not Taken (Nightside 5)
Green, Simon R.   Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth (Nightside 6)
Green, Simon R.   Hell To Pay (Nightside 7)
Green, Simon R.   The Unnatural Inquirer (Nightside 8)
Green, Simon R.   Just Another Judgement Day (Nightside 9)
Griffith, Nicola   Ammonite
Hambly, Barbara   Icefalcon's Quest
Hambly, Barbara   Mother of Winter
Hambly, Barbara   Those Who Hunt the Night
Hamilton, Laurell K.   Bloody Bones
Hamilton, Laurell K.   Blue Moon
Hamilton, Laurell K.   Burnt Offerings
Hamilton, Laurell K.   Circus of the Damned
Hamilton, Laurell K.   Guilty Pleasures
Hamilton, Laurell K.   Killing Dance
Hamilton, Laurell K.   The Laughing Corpse
Hamilton, Laurell K.   The Lunatic Cafe
Hamilton, Laurell K.   Nightseer
Hamilton, Laurell K.   Obsidian Butterfly
Hamilton, Peter F.   The Reality Dysfunction: Emergence
Hamilton, Peter F.   A Second Chance at Eden
Hand, Elizabeth   Aestival Tide
Hand, Elizabeth   Icarus Descending
Hand, Elizabeth   Waking the Moon
Harris, Charlaine   Club Dead
Harris, Charlaine   Dead Until Dark
Harris, Charlaine   Living Dead in Dallas
Harrison, Kim   Dead Witch Walking
Harrison, M. John   Light
Hartman, Keith   Gumshoe Gorilla
Hartman, Keith   The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse
Hearn, Lian   Across the Nightingale Floor
Hearn, Lian   Grass for His Pillow
Hemry, John G.   A Just Determination
Hinz, Christopher   Liege-Killer (The Paratwa Saga, Book 1)
Hinz, Christopher   Ash Ock (The Paratwa Saga, Book 2)
Hinz, Christopher   The Paratwa (The Paratwa Saga, Book 3)
Hobb, Robin   Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer, Book 1)
Hobb, Robin   Assassin's Quest (Farseer, Book 2)
Hobb, Robin   Royal Assassin (Farseer, Book 3)
Hogan, James P.   Entoverse
Holm, Chris F.   Dead Harvest (Collector, 1)
Holm, Chris F.   The Wrong Goodbye (Collector, 2)
Holm, Chris F.   The Big Reap (Collector, 3)
Hopen, Stuart   Warp Angel
Hoyt, Sarah A.   Darkship Thieves
Huff, Tanya   The Better Part of Valor (Confederation 2)
Huff, Tanya   The Quartered Sea
Huff, Tanya   Relative Magic
Hurley, Kameron   God's War
Huso, Anthony   The Last Page
Irvine, Ian   A Shadow on the Glass
Isaak, Elaine   The Singer's Crown
Jablokov, Alexander   A Deeper Sea
James, Roby   Commencement
James, Roby   Commitment
Jamieson, Trent   Roil
Jarpe, Matthew   Radio Freefall
Jernigan, Zachary   No Return
Jones, David Lee   Montezuma's Pearl
Jones, Diana Wynne   Charmed Life
Kandel, Michael   Captain Jack Zodiac
Kashina, Anna   Blades of the Old Empire
Kearney, Paul   Hawkwood's Voyage
Kearney, Paul   The Heretic Kings
Kearney, Paul   The Iron Wars
Kearney, Paul   The Second Empire
Kearney, Paul   Ships From the West
Keck, David   In a Time of Treason
Keck, David   In the Eye of Heaven
Kelleher, Anne   Silver's Edge
Kenyon, Kay   Bright of the Sky
Kenyon, Kay   The Seeds of Time
Kerr, Katharine   Daggerspell
Kerr, Katharine   Darkspell
Kerr, Katharine   The Dragon Revenant
Kerr, Katharine   Time of Exile
Keyes, J. Gregory   Newton's Cannon (The Age of Unreason, Book 1)
Keyes, J. Gregory   A Calculus of Angels (The Age of Unreason, Book 2)
Keyes, J. Gregory   Empire of Unreason (The Age of Unreason, Book 3)
Keyes, J. Gregory   The Waterborn (Chosen of the Changeling, Book 1)
Keyes, J. Gregory   The Blackgod (Chosen of the Changeling, Book 2)
Kibuishi, Kazu   The Stonekeeper (Amulet 1)
Kibuishi, Kazu   The Stonekeeper's Curse (Amulet 2)
Kibuishi, Kazu   The Cloud Searchers (Amulet 3)
Kibuishi, Kazu (ed.)   Flight (vol 1)
Kibuishi, Kazu (ed.)   Flight (vol 2)
Kibuishi, Kazu (ed.)   Flight (vol 3)
Kirkpatrick, Russell   Across the Face of the World
Klasky, Mindy L.   The Glasswright's Apprentice
Kurtz, Katherine; Harris, Deborah Turner   The Lodge of the Lynx, (The Adept, Bk.2)
L'Engle, Madeleine   A Wrinkle in Time
Lackey, Mercedes   Arrow's Fall
Lackey, Mercedes   Arrow's Flight
Lackey, Mercedes   Arrows of the Queen
Lackey, Mercedes   Burning Water
Lackey, Mercedes   By the Sword
Lackey, Mercedes   The Fire Rose
Lackey, Mercedes   Magic's Promise (Last Herald-Mage, Book 1)
Lackey, Mercedes   Magic's Pawn (Last Herald-Mage, Book 2)
Lackey, Mercedes   Magic's Price (Last Herald-Mage, Book 3)
Lackey, Mercedes   Sacred Ground
Lackey, Mercedes   The Oathbound (Vows and Honor, Bk 1)
Lackey, Mercedes   Oathbreakers (Vows and Honor, Bk 2)
Lackey, Mercedes   Winds of Fury
Lackey, Mercedes; Dixon, Larry   Born to Run: A Novel of the Serrated Edge
Lackey, Mercedes; Dixon, Larry   Chrome Circle (Novel of the Serrated Edge)
Lackey, Mercedes; Guon, Ellen   Summoned to Tourney: An Urban Fantasy
Lackey, Mercedes; Shepherd, Mark   Wheels of Fire: A Novel of the Serrated Edge
Lake, Jay   Mainspring
Landon, Kristin   The Hidden Worlds
Langton, Jane   The Mysterious Circus
Lebbon, Tim   Fallen
Lee, John   The Unicorn Quest
Lee, Sharon; Miller, Steve   Partners in Necessity
Lee, Sharon; Miller, Steve   Plan B
Levitt, John   Dog Days
Lichtenberg, Jacqueline   City of a Million Legends
Lichtenberg, Jacqueline   Molt Brother
Logston, Anne   Guardian's Key
Lovell, Jim; Kluger, Jeffrey   Apollo 13
Lowachee, Karin   The Gaslight Dogs
Lowachee, Karin   Warchild
Lyle, Anne   The Alchemist of Souls
MacLeod, Ian R.   The Light Ages
MacLeod, Ken   Newton's Wake
MacLeod, Ken   The Star Fraction
MacLeod, Ken   The Stone Canal
Mann, George   The Affinity Bridge
Martinez, Michael J.   The Daedalus Incident
Massey, Misty   Mad Kestrel
May, Julian   Conqueror's Moon (The Boreal Moon, book 1)
May, Julian   Jack the Bodiless (The Galactic Milieu, No 1)
May, Julian   Jack the Bodiless (The Galactic Milieu, No 1)
May, Julian   Diamond Mask (The Galactic Milieu, Vol 2)
May, Julian   The Surveillance (Intervention, Book 1)
May, Julian   The Metaconcert (Intervention, Book 2)
McArthur, Maxine   Time Future
McConnell, Ashley   Stargate SG-1
McDevitt, Jack   Chindi
McDevitt, Jack   Deepsix
McDevitt, Jack   The Engines of God
McDevitt, Jack   Omega
McDevitt, Jack   Polaris
McDevitt, Jack   A Talent for War
McDonald, Sandra   The Outback Stars
McGarry, Terry   The Binder's Road
McGarry, Terry   Illumination
McGarry, Terry   Triad
McGuire, Seanan   Discount Armageddon
McGuire, Seanan   Rosemary and Rue
McKenna, Juliet E.   The Assassin's Edge
McKenna, Juliet E.   The Gambler's Fortune
McKenna, Juliet E.   The Swordsman's Oath
McKenna, Juliet E.   The Thief's Gamble
McKinley, Robin   Spindle's End
McMullen, Sean   Souls in the Great Machine
Meaney, John   Context
Meaney, John   Paradox
Meaney, John   To Hold Infinity
Meding, Kelly   Three Days to Dead
Melko, Paul   Singularity Ring
Melko, Paul   Ten Sigmas & Other Unlikelihoods
Mieville, China   Iron Council
Modesitt, L. E.   The Death of Chaos
Modesitt, L. E.   Of Tangible Ghosts
Modesitt, L. E.   The Parafaith War
Modesitt, L. E.   The Towers of the Sunset
Monette, Sarah   Corambis
Monette, Sarah   Melusine
Monette, Sarah   The Mirador
Monette, Sarah   The Virtu
Monk, Devon   Magic to the Bone
Moon, Elizabeth   Trading in Danger
Moore, Alan; Sienkiewicz, Bill   Big Numbers 1
Morehouse, Lyda   Archangel Protocol
Moriarty, Chris   Spin Control
Moriarty, Chris   Spin State
Murphy, Pat   Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell
Murphy, Pat   Wild Angel
Nagata, Linda   The Bohr Maker
Nasir, Jamil   Tower of Dreams
Nix, Garth   A Confusion of Princes
Nix, Garth   Mister Monday (Keys to the Kingdom, 1)
Nix, Garth   Grim Tuesday (Keys to the Kingdom, 2)
Nix, Garth   Drowned Wednesday (Keys to the Kingdom, 3)
Nix, Garth   Sir Thursday (Keys to the Kingdom, 4)
Nix, Garth   Lady Friday (Keys to the Kingdom, 5)
Nix, Garth   Superior Saturday (Keys to the Kingdom, 6)
Nix, Garth   Lord Sunday (Keys to the Kingdom, 7)
Nix, Garth   The Ragwitch
Nix, Garth   The Fall (The Seventh Tower, Book 1)
Noel, Atanielle Annyn   Murder on Usher's Planet
Noel, Atanielle Annyn   Speaker to Heaven
Norman, Lisanne   Turning Point
Novik, Naomi   Black Powder War
Novik, Naomi   Empire of Ivory
Novik, Naomi   His Majesty's Dragon
Novik, Naomi   Throne of Jade
Novik, Naomi   Tongues of Serpents
Novik, Naomi   Victory of Eagles
Nye, Jody Lynn   Waking in Dreamland
O'Brian, Patrick   Master and Commander
O'Brian, Patrick   Post Captain
O'Keefe, Megan E.   Steal the Sky
Oblong, Angus   Creepy Susie: And 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children
Palmatier, Joshua   The Broken Throne
Palmatier, Joshua   The Skewed Throne
Palmatier, Joshua   The Vacant Throne
Park, Paul   A Princess of Roumania
Park, Severna   Hand of Prophecy
Patel, Carrie   The Buried Life
Perry, Steve   Earth Hive (Aliens Book I)
Peters, S. M.   Whitechapel Gods
Pierce, Meredith Ann   The Darkangel (Darkangel Trilogy, No 1)
Pierce, Meredith Ann   A Gathering of Gargoyles (Darkangel Trilogy, No 2)
Pierce, Tamora   Alanna: The First Adventure (The Song of the Lioness Quartet, Book 1)
Pierce, Tamora   In the Hand of the Goddess (The Song of the Lioness Quartet, Book 2)
Pierce, Tamora   The Woman Who Rides Like a Man (Song of the Lioness Quartet, Book 3)
Pierce, Tamora   Lioness Rampant (Song of the Lioness Quartet, Book 4)
Pohl, Frederick; Williamson, Jack   The Saga Of Cuckoo
Powers, Tim   Earthquake Weather
Pratchett, Terry   Wings (Bromeliad, Book 3)
Quick, W. T.   Yesterday's Pawn
Radford, Irene   The Glass Dragon
Rasmussen, Alis A.   The Labyrinth Gate
Rawn, Melanie   The Dragon Prince (Dragon Prince, No 1)
Rawn, Melanie   The Star Scroll (Dragon Prince, No 2)
Rawn, Melanie   Sun-Runner's Fire (Dragon Prince, No 3)
Rawn, Melanie   Stronghold (Dragon Star, Book 1)
Rawn, Melanie   The Dragon Token (Dragon Star, Book 2)
Rawn, Melanie   Skybowl (Dragon Star, Book 3)
Rawn, Melanie   Spellbinder
Reaves, Michael; Perry, Steve   Hellstar
Reeve, Laura E.   Peacekeeper
Reichert, Mickey Zucker   The Last of the Renshai
Reichert, Mickey Zucker   The Legend of Nightfall
Richardson, Kat   Greywalker
Richardson, Kat   Poltergeist
Roberson, Chris   The Dragon's Nine Sons
Roberson, Jennifer   Karavans
Roberson, Jennifer   Sword-Maker
Robinson, Spider   Lady Slings the Booze
Robson, Justina   Natural History
Rosen, Selina   Queen of Denial
Rosenberg, Joel   The Fire Duke (Keepers of the Hidden Ways, Book 1)
Rosenberg, Joel   The Road to Ehvenor
Rosenblum, Mary   Horizons
Rowles, Chuck   Going Home, book 1 (The Gods of Arr-Kelaan)
Rowles, Chuck   Going Home, book 2 (The Gods of Arr-Kelaan)
Ruff, Matt   Sewer, Gas and Electric: The Public Works Trilogy
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn   The White Mists of Power
Russell, Sean   The Initiate Brother (Book One)
Russo, Richard Paul   Carlucci's Edge
Ryman, Geoff   Unconquered Countries
Saknussemm, Kris   Enigmatic Pilot
Scalzi, John   The Last Colony
Sedia, Ekaterina   The Alchemy of Stone
Sedia, Ekaterina   The Secret History of Moscow
Severance, Carol   Demon Drums (Island Warrior, Book 1)
Severance, Carol   Storm Caller (Island Warrior, Book 2)
Severance, Carol   Sorcerous Sea (Island Warrior, Book 3)
Sheffield, Charles   Proteus in the Underworld
Shepherd, Mark   Elvendude
Sherman, Josepha   A Strange and Ancient Nam
Shetterly, Will   Cats Have No Lord
Shetterly, Will   The Tangled Lands
Shevdon, Mike   Sixty-One Nails
Shinn, Sharon   The Alleluia Files
Shinn, Sharon   Angelica
Shinn, Sharon   Heart of Gold
Shinn, Sharon   Jovah's Angel
Shinn, Sharon   Summers at Castle Auburn
Shinn, Sharon   Wrapt in Crystal
Shwartz, Susan   Shards of Empire
Siegel, Jan   The Dragon Charmer
Siegel, Jan   Prospero's Children
Siegel, Jan   The Witch Queen
Smith, Julie Dean   Call of Madness
Smith, Julie Dean   Mission of Magic
Smith, Julie Dean   Sage of Sare
Smith, Kristine   Code of Conduct
Smith, Mark; Smith, Julia   Shadow-Maze
Smith, Sherwood   The Fox
Smith, Sherwood   Inda
Snodgrass, Melinda   The Edge of Reason
Spencer, Wen   Alien Taste
Spencer, Wen   Bitter Waters
Spencer, Wen   Dog Warrior
Spencer, Wen   Tainted Trail
Spencer, Wen   Tinker
Spencer, Wen   Wolf Who Rules
Sperring, Kari   The Grass King's Concubine
Spoor, Ryk E.   Digital Knight
Spoor, Ryk E.   Grand Central Arena
Springer, Nancy   Larque on the Wing
Stackpole, Michael A.   Eyes of Silver
Stewart, Ian; Cohen, Jack   Heaven
Stewart, Sean   The Night Watch
Stewart, Sean   Resurrection Man
Stith, John E.   Redshift Rendezvous
Stout, Amy   The Sacred Seven
Stross, Charles   The Family Trade (The Merchant Princes, book 1)
Stross, Charles   The Hidden Family (The Merchant Princes, book 2)
Stross, Charles   The Clan Corporate (The Merchant Princes, book 3)
Sullivan, Tricia   Dreaming in Smoke
Swainston, Steph   The Year of Our War
Swann, S. Andrew   Prophets (Apotheosis, book 1)
Tallerman, David   Giant Thief
Thurman, Rob   Chimera
Thurman, Rob   Deathwish
Thurman, Rob   Madhouse
Thurman, Rob   Moonshine
Thurman, Rob   Nightlife
Thurman, Rob   Roadkill
Thurman, Rob   Trick of the Light
Tregillis, Ian   The Mechanical
Turtledove, Harry   The Guns of the South: A Novel of the Civil War
Turtledove, Harry   Worldwar: In the Balance
Turtledove, Harry   Worldwar: Tilting the Balance
Tyers, Kathy   Fusion Fire
Upstill, Steve   The Renderman Companion: A Programmer's Guide to Realistic Computer Graphics
van Eekhout, Greg   California Bones
Vaughn, Carrie   Kitty and the Midnight Hour
Vaughn, Carrie   Kitty Goes to Washington
Volsky, Paula   Illusion
Waid, Mark; Ross, Alex   Kingdom Come
Walton, David   Quintessence
Watt-Evans, Lawrence   Dragon Weather
Weber, David   Path of the Fury
Weinberg, Robert   A Logical Magician
Welch, Michelle M.   Confidence Game
Wells, Martha   The Wizard Hunters (The Fall of Ile-Rien, 1)
West, Michelle   Battle
West, Michelle   City of Night
West, Michelle   House Name
West, Michelle   Skirmish
Westerfeld, Scott   Leviathan
Westerfeld, Scott   The Secret Hour (Midnighters, vol 1)
Westerfeld, Scott   Touching Darkness (Midnighters, vol 2)
Westerfeld, Scott   Blue Noon (Midnighters, vol 3)
Wheeler, Deborah   Jaydium
Williams, Liz   Worldsoul
Williams, Michael   Arcady
Williams, Sean   Saturn Returns
Williams, Sean; Dix, Shane   Echoes of Earth
Williams, Tad   The Dragonbone Chair
Williams, Tad   Stone of Farewell
Wilson, F. Paul   All the Rage
Wilson, F. Paul   Bloodline
Wilson, F. Paul   By the Sword
Wilson, F. Paul   Conspiracies
Wilson, F. Paul   Crisscross
Wilson, F. Paul   The Dark at the End
Wilson, F. Paul   Fatal Error
Wilson, F. Paul   Gateways
Wilson, F. Paul   Ground Zero
Wilson, F. Paul   Harbingers
Wilson, F. Paul   The Haunted Air
Wilson, F. Paul   Hosts
Wilson, F. Paul   Infernal
Wilson, F. Paul   Legacies
Wilson, F. Paul   Reborn
Wilson, F. Paul   The Tomb
Wilson, F. Paul   The Touch
Woodbury, Francine   Shade and Shadow
Wrede, Patricia   Shadow Magic
Wylie, Jonathan   Dreams of Stone (Unbalanced Earth Trilogy Book, No 1)
Zahn, Timothy   Night Train to Rigel (Quadrail 1)
Zahn, Timothy   The Third Lynx (Quadrail 2)
Zahn, Timothy   The Domino Pattern (Quadrail 4)
Zelazny, Roger; Sheckley, Robert   Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming
Zettel, Sarah   Reclamation

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