McGuire, Seanan -- Discount Armageddon

I read the first Fishgirl Daye book and thought, well, decent, but not worth investing into a series of. Pretty much the same here. Verity Price is from a renegade family of monster-hunters (renegade because they prefer negotiation to slaughter); she also does competitive ballroom dance. The snark is fine, the character writing is fine, I just feel like I've had this genre and it was Tanya Huff the first time. (Maybe Simon Green the second.) The setting reads like "Sanctuary" fanfic, which I admit is not the author's fault, but there too I felt a lack of anything-really-new. And then there was a romance, gah, I'm sorry, it was like a thousand "oh look you are hot you must be my assigned love interest" romance stories sobbed once and were silent.

Yes, the book had all sorts of good bits too, but do I need to talk about them? People have been shouting "Aeslin mice!" at me for months; you too, I'm sure. The dance-fighting scene needs to be filmed someday. Until then, I think I can leave these books aside.

(Verity's sister is named Antimony, which is a terrible missed opportunity. If the sisters had been named Verity and Antinomy, I would have been sold.) (No, I don't know what brother Alex should have been called.)

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