Wilson, F. Paul -- Fatal Error

Repairman Jack applies his customary blend of psychology and extreme violence. This is the second-to-last Jack book, plus the promised Nightworld at the end. (I have read most of the Adversary books, but not the Baby Jack prequels. Enh on that.)

This one is an episode, very much in the TV sense. A major plot event goes by, but in a self-contained sort of way. Some major characters meet up, so those plot threads advance. The big bad guy is temporarily foiled but gains a huge advantage. The good guys gain a small one. Okay, I could be describing any mid-late volume of a series, but Fatal Error felt a little thin. It's fattened up by a couple of horrible people being horrible in a completely human way, and then Jack beats them to a pulp. Effective but artificial tension. I'm not saying the series shouldn't go there -- its heft lies in addressing racism, bigotry, and selfishness in the same breath as demons of the apocalypse -- but the author seems to want to push all the elements over-the-top at the same rate, and he winds up just turning some chapters into a gorefest.

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