Thurman, Rob -- Nightlife

Teenager in NYC on the run from elves. Not Tolkien elves, or enthralling Celtic types either, but nasty Froud illustrations with half a million teeth. For an added bonus, our hero is half-elf himself. Because teenagers need more self-esteem problems. Oh, and his emotionally abusive mother named him "Caliban". See above.

This is first-person-snarky and a half (teenager, right?) but it works, mostly because of the relationship between Cal and his (all-human) half-brother Nico, who is the best bad-ass big brother ever. It's paranormal romance except there's no romance (or sex); the relationship porn is all siblingry. (I will give about 90% odds that the author is in "Supernatural" fandom. The TV show, that is.) (No, this book does not go in the incest direction. Get your mind out of the creepy. There is a love interest for Caliban, actually, but she's barely in the book. Imagine Dante's Beatrice, only sweeter.)

I enjoyed this a lot. The monsters are really scary and, okay, I fell for the brother schtick. Plus the brothers acquire a sidekick who is a lot of fun in his own right. The viewpoint maneuver in the latter half of the book is brazen, but I think Thurman gets away with it.

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