Reeve, Laura E. -- Peacekeeper

Someone said "write what you know", and apparently Reeve knows nuclear disarmament treaty protocols. In the book it's two starfaring human civilizations (I never did figure out whether or how they derive from our history), with temporal-distortion weapons that blow up suns. Probably. Several years after an Incident, both sides are drawing down. Our protagonist is a ragged prospecting pilot, only she's actually an undercover military agent checking into a series of covered-up murders. Also, the next target. Also, a drunk. Also, involved in the Incident, it turns out -- which is where the book springs a leak, because her character arc seems to mostly involve not giving a crap. The back cover says she's wracked with guilt, but in fact: no. Maybe the author forgot to write that part in. Then the bad guys are shorthanded with wanton sexual habits, for further eye-rolling practice. There's some good spying and space-station disaster antics, but overall I wasn't thrilled.

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