Wilson, F. Paul -- The Tomb

Already read this. Bought this thinking it was The Keep. It wasn't.

First of the Repairman Jack series about which I've been hearing for years. Man attempts to live outside society in New York, fixing injustices for cash (or exacting revenge for hire, depending on which side of the transaction you're on). He runs into other things that live outside society, namely a nest of millenia-old demons. This book predates the modern urban-fantasy-horror genre, and feels it -- Jack is not caught between the mundane world and the magical, but between his weird quasi-Batman world and the magical. (Or, to put the distinction more directly: he has exactly one friend -- his weapons dealer -- and not a network of cops and coroners and allied vampires. Mind you, Wilson restarted the series in the mid-90s, so maybe that changes.) Anyhow, it's a good read, and now I have to find more Wilson in original publication order.

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