Jamieson, Trent -- Roil

I bought this because the first chapter begins in a city called Mirrlees-on-Weep. Sold! The city (all of civilization, turns out) is threatened by a slow-encroaching storm-zone of monsters and zombie-spores. Somewhere in the background, millenia-old engineers lurk with a possible defense mechanism, except they're almost as creepy as the Roil. It's wonderfully picturesque, but by halfway through I was still waiting for some kind of story. I kept waiting. The two main protagonists spend the entire book running away. Not the good Trent-the-Uncatchable kind of running; just predictable action-movie running. Things happen but no plot; everybody is completely reactive, except for the one Old Man on-stage, and he plays cryptic wizard all the way through. Too bad.

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