Rawn, Melanie -- Spellbinder

You were wondering what I have against romance novels? Books like this, that's what I have against romance novels. (Mind you, this one is from Tor, not Luna.) Fabulously beautiful, successful, and wealthy authoress meets honest, humble Irish cop. But wait! She is also a member of the circle of white witches who guard the world from evil with their crystals and herbal candles! (Pause for careful detailing of which minerals and which aromatic oils go into each spell.) But wait! The nearly-as-successful but jealous evil authoress tries to break them up, in between her S&M sex rituals and stomping kittens! If only they could see the truth! Every single person and plot element is festooned with these authorial sticky notes so that you know what to think. Unreadable. PS: I made up the kittens, though.

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