McGuire, Seanan -- Rosemary and Rue

Half-elf detective gets herself turned into a fish. (Every reviewer must start out with that line; it's just too quotable a setup.) Years later, she drags herself out of the fishpond, tries to remember how hands and feet work, and goes looking to put her life back together. This is elf politics in buckets, and many people have recommended it, but I wasn't as hooked -- er, sorry -- as others. The pacing is weird. The book is trying to fill in Toby's backstory at several levels simultaneously (as a child, as a teen on the streets, as a maturing fae with powerful fae allies, as the wife of a human and mother of a child). They're all important to the plot, but the story jumps around too much and it doesn't gel. The elf politics do in fact interest me -- I want to know what the Queen's game is -- but not enough to read three-or-is-it-four-already sequels.

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