TextureFnoob Samples -- Transformed Parrots

The original image.

These images are transforms of an original image (shown at the top.) TextureFnoob can apply functions to a pasted-in image as well as to other functions and constants.

Here are some explanations. In each case I list the controls which went into the pattern. Remember that each control is an actual little slider widget; you can drag the slider back and forth, and watch the image change dynamically.

  1. Mosaic. Facet the image into tiles.

    Controls: tile size, tile rotation.

  2. Ripples.

    Controls: width and amplitude of ripples.

  3. Rotation Then Scaling.

    Controls: how rotated and how scaled-down the image is.

  4. Hue Shift. Rotates the color wheel by a fixed amount, without affecting brightness. (No, it's not simply inverting the colors.) We also flip the image, just because.

    Controls: how shifted the hue is; which way the image is flipped.

  5. Brightness Reversal, Matting. Reverse the brightness of the colors without changing their hue or saturation. We also matte out the black background, and replace it with a simple stripe pattern.

    Controls: stripe width and angle.

  6. Torus Distortion. This one came about by accident. It's sort of a heavily overstated ripple.

    Controls: ripple size and amplitude.

  7. Yellow-Screen Matting. Matte out a particular shade of yellow, and replace it with flat red.

    Controls: which color is matted out, and how close the image color must be to be matted.

  8. Double Ripple. Apply two sine-wave distortions, at different angles.

    Controls: frequency, amplitude, and angle of the distortions.

  9. Scaling and Edge Bevel. Scale the image up, and apply shading to the edges for a three-dimensional effect.

    Controls: scaling and positioning of the image; width of edge bevelling; contrast of dark and light edge shades.

Here are more samples, in which TextureFnoob generates images from first principles instead of transforming a pasted-in image.

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