TextureFnoob: The Way It Goes

Herein, I reply to various comments that people have sent me. This is just so that I don't have to send out the same email when common questions are asked. And to report known bugs. And so that you know I'm not dead, of course.

What about a 68K version?

This is a serious number-crunching program. I tried compiling a 68K version, and it was unbelievably slow. I can probably improve that (I think I was using the wrong floating-point format) but I suspect it will not be very usable in any case.

A 68040-with-FPU version is more likely. However, this will be a pain for me to write, since I only own a PPC and a 68040LC. It's on the to-do list.

It doesn't work on a Swedish or French MacOS machine...

This is fixed in version 0.5.2, which is now available for downloading. I still have trouble if I set my (US MacOS) system to one of the "Swiss" options of the Numbers control panel. If you have a Swiss MacOS system, I'd appreciate knowing whether it works right there.

If TextureFnoob refuses to start up, or crashes on startup, the quick fix is to choose the US number system in the Numbers control panel.

What changes might be made soon?

See the "Future Versions" chapter at the end of the manual. Changing the output window size is at the top of the list.

Please send any comments, suggestions, bug reports, or hate mail to me: Andrew Plotkin (erkyrath@eblong.com).

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