Getting TextureFnoob

First, you must understand that this program is experimental. I don't mean that it's unstable; it's behaved very well for me, and in that sense it's ready for public release. (Well, it hasn't been tested on very many machines, so I guess you'd call it public beta-testing. That's the way of freeware.)

But TextureFnoob is not heavily laden with features, as yet. This is mostly because I don't know what features it really needs. There are quite a few directions I could go with the thing; but I need feedback from actual users to decide where it should go.

Think of it as an opportunity: by downloading and testing TextureFnoob, you get early input into what future versions will do.

Enough with that. This package includes TextureFnoob 0.5.2, a folder full of samples, a heavily-illustrated tutorial manual, and a reference manual.


TextureFnoob is copyright 1996-7 by Andrew Plotkin. It may be used freely. It may be copied and distributed freely, as long as no money is charged for it beyond the cost of distribution.

(Someday, if TextureFnoob becomes the Next Great Thing in graphics technology, I may make a shareware or commercial version. Who knows? However, if this happens, I will continue to support a freeware "Lite" version.)

Please send any comments, suggestions, bug reports, or hate mail to me: Andrew Plotkin (

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