My Plan File

This is my .plan file from when I was at CMU. (What you'd see if you typed finger This version dates from late 1992, after I graduated, or maybe late 1993. I was working my first grownup job, coding for the Andrew (no relation) project at CMU-SCS.

All the addresses are obsolete. The "campus" address was the apartment I shared with Elliott Evans and Dan Efran. The Maryland address is where my family lived through my early years -- not any more, of course.

I'm kind of surprised that Smith Hall still exists. Most of that side of campus has been incrementally torn down and rebuilt over the past 25 years.

Thanks to Elliott for printing this file out, sticking it in a box, forgetting about it until it turned up in a house move recently, and then scanning it in and sending it to me.

My .plan file circa 1992

       name: Andrew C. Plotkin
affiliation: School of Computer Science
    project: To get everyone to spell "weird" and "bureaucrat" right

This is my Short Plan File. All the stuff about my address and so on is in
 the file .longplan, or listed above.

It's possible that I'm in the Iris lab, WeH3420, x7564. Not likely, though.

Those who refuse to serve the Powers, become tools of the Powers.
Those who agree to serve the Powers, themselves become the Powers.

"Incompetence is a double edged banana."

"If you listen to music by Beethoven a lot, you will never become stupid --
unless you already are, in which case there's still no harm in it." -- Borgel

The gods may have given us fire, but we stole laughter for ourselves.

[After much complaining and ranting at God]: ...forget it. Go step on a mountain
                                   Chauntecleer the Rooster

"...You're wonderful, Edwin. What could a woman do for me that you can't?"
"I can't conceive."
                                -- From "The Black Adder"

node:ZARF in realtime interface (node:orac), up and available.

Quotes are from Rowan Atkinson, Diane Duane, Daniel Pinkwater, and Walter Wangerin, among others I don't remember.

-- March 10, 2016

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