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What do you mean by "God"? Whose God?

* We mean the same thing you mean. Any God; all Gods. We're not picky.

What about Goddess?

* They're all the same to us, friend. Penis-counting always seemed a pretty undignified job for a theologian anyway.

What do you mean, "God will die"?

* We mean dead. Gone. Bereft of life, He rests in peace... You know, the full Monty.

Why the beginning of the year 2000? The new millennium doesn't start until 2001.

* Yes, that's true. But the year 2000 has more impact in our civilization. Besides, why wait an extra year? Let's get It over with.

Are you going to kill Him yourself?

* We prefer not to say.

Why do you want God to die?

* This isn't about what we want.

Do you think the world will be a better place after God dies?

* Some of us do, yes. Maybe people will start giving their own answers -- or, better yet, realizing that they've been giving their own answers after all.

Isn't your web site blasphemy?

* Yes. Yes, it is.

Do you believe in God?

* Not for long.

Do you worship Satan?

* No.

You're going to Hell!

* That's not a question.

Why are you publishing a web site?

* Imagine how embarrassing it would be if God died and nobody noticed.

What does this have to do with the Y2K bug?

* Nothing. Get a grip.

Where did you get this crazy idea?

* We were inspired by a book called The Jehovah Contract by Victor Koman. The slogan and the icon come from that book. That's all, though. We enjoyed the book -- it's pretty funny -- but we don't worship it or anything. We've never met Victor Koman. We just like the idea. This web site is entirely our creation.

What happens after God dies? What comes next?

* Well, what's happening now, while God is still alive? Life goes on. Life will still go on, but without God. You'll have to decide what that means to you.

I'm going to kill you!

* That's not a question. Not much of an answer, either.

My God/Goddess has already died, and come back from the dead. Maybe He/She does it every year. How about them apples?

* Interesting question. All we can say is, it's easy for a living God to come back from the dead -- it's practically in the definition -- but after 1/1/2000, He won't be pulling any such tricks. Miracles are for the living.

I don't believe in God at all.

* I guess you can stop wasting your time on this web site, then.

I believe that God is already dead.

* Good for you. Keep it up. Also, see previous question.

I don't believe anything you're saying.

* That's fine by us. We don't expect everyone to believe us. We'd just like people to hear our message.

I believe that God will die on the first day of the year 2000. What can I do to help?

* Spread the word. Hand out stickers. Put banners on tall buildings. We'd be pleased if you mentioned our URL, but the important thing is that God is going to die. Soon.

Update, Jan 5 2000: Well? Did God die, already?

* We can't answer that for you.

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