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Here are some of the things people have said. And remember, children, we didn't make any of these up.



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You type of sicko creeps are what's wrong with the Internet. Throwing your preverted beliefs around, subverting our GREAT COUNTRY.


God (or Goddess, whichever is gender appropriate) will get you for this.

Sincerely, Anonymous

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I was quite dissapointed when I went to your web site, looked at the songs section, and found nothing but comments. True, it might be possible to put some of them to some sort of tune, but still....

You should at least come up with some filk or something.

It's some kind of a metaphor, we're told.

Wouldn't "I tried Zen once, but I understood it" make a good chanting mantra? We think so.

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Who gets all of God's stuff when he dies? Can I have it?

- - - - -

A fool has said in his heart,
"There is no God."...
         Psalm 14:1

The fool has also said, "Where's the peanut butter?" and "Let's go out dancing" and "Look, a monkey!" A clock running backwards is right four times a day, which is two up on a *photograph* of a clock.

...No, no, we don't want to get into a smugness contest. You people always win those. Instead, the question: What does the Fool represent to you?

Some would say: Trump Zero and Infinity, the beginning and end of the path of wisdom.

Others would say: "Look, a monkey!"

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I LOVE your website!!! This is great!! ROTFLMAO We're sending your url to everyone!!! <G>

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You know, one of the reasons we have a successful and fruitful world today, in which you can make your web pages, is because we have successful and fruitful religions that these successes are built on. In fact, you can judge a religion, er a God's, relative value by how successful the culture that is created around him thrives. American Indians obviously had a 'let's lie around and smoke peyote and feel the great spirit" thing going on, which was great for them, but did little to advance their culture or technology. Meanwhile, the Europeans had a very much "let's kill all the heathens and rule the world" kind of God -- which is where we are today, at least in the Western World. Likewise the bushido code versus Buddhism, etc. etc. You can go on and on with the comparisons. Point is that the major religion of a society drives it to succeed or stagnate.

No offense, man, but you're scary.

- - - - -

Will there be a wake? God probably wants us to celebrate His/Her/Its death the way we have celebrated His/Her/Its life. You know, with wars and riots and stuff.

- - - - -

i've already seen the sign that proves god will die. it was in the form of a small grossly deformed man riding a tricycle at 3:30am on an empty road. it only gets worse from here.


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You need more feedback, this message is not feedback.

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OK, suppose, just suppose, G(g)od(s) die next year. What will become of them, since almost without exception they believe in some sort of after life, and as gods they're pretty much guanteed of being right.

Take the Christian God for example. Can you imagine the bureaucratic nightmare that would be created upon his death. He would obviously want to go to heaven but who will sit in judgement of him? His Son? That would see a less than fair since He is one third of Him?

Personally, I think if there is an impartial judge, he's going to have a pretty hard time getting in. Look at all that Old Testament shit he pulled, and he hasn't even appologized (well not as far as I know). God going to Hell, now that opens up a Pandora's Box (sorry to mix my mythaphors) of paradoxes.

I think you need to think this one through a little more.

How about we kill Alanis Morissette instead.

You make interesting points, except for the bit about killing Alanis Morissette. We think she's cute.

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I love it.
You rule, god damn.
Hey, after 2000, what will I say in place of "god damn"?
Holy Shit! (?)

"What a dick on a baby!" has a nice ring to it.

- - - - -

Your assumption that god must die on January 1, 2000 because he is 2000 years old is based on a false mathematical assumption. As there was no year "0", god will not be 2000 years old until January 1, 2001.

I hate "millennium" idiots. There was no year "0". The counting went from 1 B.C. to 1 A.D. Do the damn math!!!!

No, ya bozo, we didn't say He will be 2000 years old. We said "2000 years, give or take". And Question 4 of our FAQ specifically acknowledges what you are insisting, so lay off, already.

(You think *religious* wars get heated...)

- - - - -

You wouldn't happen to know where to send flowers would you? Just imagine all the business this is going to produce for the FTD florists...

Or maybe instead of flowers, they'll simply request that donations be sent in God's name to His favorite charities.

- - - - -

I find it interesting that the words you agree to in your song selection is from anonymous...[ is that person? being? entity? imagination? hero?] My premise is that "anonymous" is referring to an imagination, to which happens to be the correct name for such an idea...i.e. "unknown", "without face", " ". I can only conclude that your opinions, opinions based on facts or songs, facts that are quoted from "anonymous", "anonymous" is unknown, unknown is .... well...nothing or zilch or empty, empty is the imagination.

We're sorry, could you start over?

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you are pathetic.....and by the way, you got the message wrong: God is going to kill YOU in 2000!

- - - - -

can i lick your ass as the clock strikes 12?


- - - - -

I have found it exhilarating to be free of all religious dogma. The clarity and focus it brings to my life adds a dimension that is enriching. It is rewarding to find others that are like-minded and willing to creatively express themselves. Keep up the good work!

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you guys ARE GREAT!!

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I was looking for a toy called "artistic freedom." You don't seem to offer it on your site. I also ran searches under "fairness," simple "freedom," and "art" but there was nothing there, either. Not what I was looking for for MY child, anyway!

Can you help me? Do you offer "freedom," "art", "artistic freedom" or "fairness?

My little girl is turning 7 this christmas and has been dying for these toys!!!

Um, we realize opinions differ, but we like to think that "artistic freedom" includes the freedom to put up web sites like this. Or did we miss your point?

For your little girl, we recommend "The Thirteen Clocks" by James Thurber. Very good for reading aloud.

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What if he doesn't die?

Then how will you maintain your DIGNITY.

Our what?

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What is your take on Pascal's wager? It has always had at least a poetic hold on me. I wonder if that is too abstract or obscure for your questions page? Yet, I thought you covered a lot of other bases quite well, so I'd love to know your take on that.

We have nothing to add to the textbook response. Believing in God X may itself damn you if God Y happens to be the Truth -- and vice versa. It's easy to find pairs (X, Y) that satisfy this condition. Therefore, have a sandwich.

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I'm all for it. I've gotten mighty sick of Christianity, and I'll be glad to see it gone.

Oh wait, religion has nothing to do with the actual existence of God. Fuck.

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