Uru Live: Ongoing Review

I like to write reviews of adventure games. But Uru Live isn't just an adventure game; it's an ongoing multiplayer experience. It may not be "finished" for years, if ever. So when should I write a review?

Instead, I'm going to keep an occasional journal. My thoughts so far. I may ramble; I may digress.

(My main character in-game was belford at KI#00188183. Maybe someday he'll reappear.)

Update: (Feb 2004) As you probably know, Cyan has cancelled the Uru Live (online multiplayer) part of Uru.

Further Update: (May 2006) It's back. Who knew?

Once Again: (Feb 2008) And, there it goes again.

And: (Apr 2008) Goodbye, Uru.

And: (Jul 2008) Now what?

And: (Feb 2010) Back again!

Last updated October 31, 2022.

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