Myst Online: Uru Live Again

This notice was posted on February 8th, 2010, on the Myst Online site. I am copying it here in full.

Welcome back, again,

Everything takes longer than expected these days. Cyan Worlds' plans are to move MO:UL to open source, and we finally have some good news. We've taken a first step and started a MO:UL server, so the Ages of Uru are available again. We've opened all the Ages, and added most of the goodies in MO:UL. We're referring to it as MO:ULagain-feel free to explore and enjoy.

And the cost is pretty good. Free!

To begin playing, click on the Play link to create an account.

If you're so inclined, we've provided a way for you to donate via PayPal to help offset our costs, and show your support. Five or ten bucks would go a long way toward helping pay the server and people bills. (No promises, but we're trying to figure out a way to show our appreciation to supporters by giving you a little something extra in MO:ULagain.) But don't feel obligated-we're just glad to have the cavern open once again.

Thanks for helping keep Uru alive!

If you would like to donate to the MO:ULagain project, click on the PayPal button below. During the checkout process, please click on MO:UL Account and Player ID and enter both your Account (email address you used to sign up for MO:UL) and your Player name. We'll need both-spelled correctly. Thanks!

(The response was strong enough to swamp Cyan's original server on the first day. As of Feb 9th, they are working on an upgrade.)

Last updated February 9, 2010.

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