The Athens Queen Will Rise Again

She went down last October on a reef called Ripper's Rock
The skipper he was blasted on the brandy from the stock
We'd loaded her with cargo so the decks could scarce be seen
And thus we lost the lovely Athens Queen.

Yes, we sure did have insurance on that rusty leaky scow
We'd filed the flippin' paperwork on the chickens and the cow
We got back all our money on the brandy lost at sea
But someone stole our flippin' couch of green!

Couch of green! Couch of green!
Though your soup it be chicken and your tea be full of cream
No matter how damn drunk you are, you lick your tumbler clean
Drinking brandy on our lovely couch of green!

   -- Stan Rogers (piecewise)

-- January 31, 2021

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