Origins 2004

Columbus, June 2004. Various subjects. The pictures suck because my camera does, okay? for larger image

Petra's totally amazing painted Giant Icehouse pyramids. In addition to being blurry, this picture fails to capture the dichroic gold paint used for the flames and dragonfly wings. for larger image

My Martian Landscape screens, set up and welcoming people to the Zendo Lounge! (With bonus tie-die, not made by me.) This is the first chance I've had to see them in use (since I missed Origins 2003). They're great. I'm not even a little bit modest about them.

I want to do an Aquarius deck with this artwork. for larger image

Paper airplane -- rather, paper jet fighter with three-point undercarriage -- folded by John. Design by Cooperdad. for larger image

The outcome of the World Zarcana Championship Finals.

You can't see what's going on from this photo. But it was a bang-up finish. I had a whole lot of points (playing Blue), but I was in a precarious position -- note Green threatening my underpopulated Eight of Wands at the center. And Jmac (playing Yellow) also had a lot of points, plus a face-down card he'd gotten off the Wheel -- but someone (Red or Green? I forget) had Gatewayed a piece into one of his high-scoring cards.

I figured my only hope was to call it before anyone else (particularly Yellow) could consolidate, or drive in through my weak defenses. So I did. A gamble -- and I got twice lucky. First, Yellow had no way to drive off his attacker! Jmac threw the Hanged Man and blew up the whole card, to salvage his pride if not his score. (You can see the gap in the northwest quadrant of the board.) Second, Green didn't have the cards he needed to move in on my Eight! So I kept all five of my territories. Jmac ruefully revealed his hole card -- the World! Nothing could have been stronger, but I was just too far ahead. He shook my hand.

And then he counted the points, and realized that he was actually three points up on me. The World had done it, and neither of us had noticed!

I shook his hand. Next year, you rat.

...see Jmac's much better photos of this game, and his award. for larger image

Kory showing off his Origins Award for Zendo. Yay!

-- June 28, 2004.

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