Art, Smithsonian, Fall '03

I was in DC for th 2003 World Fantasy Convention (no relation to the World Science Fiction Convention, don't ask me how it works). But I took some time off to wander around the Mall and look at Art.

At the Hirshhorn, I have many favorite pieces. But I had to take a poor snapshot of this:

at hand, Ann Hamilton for larger image

It's a room full of pieces of tracing paper. Why is it full of tracing paper? Because four devices on the ceiling are dropping a piece of paper every few seconds. That white blob in the upper left is a piece of paper, fluttering down to the floor.

Here's a device, and another fluttering blob:

Why did I have to take this picture?

Because, primus, the kids love it. They're running around, kicking paper, throwing paper in the air.

And, secundus, this little plaque:

Upon entering the gallery, please be mindful of the quiet, contemplative atmosphere that this work creates for many of our visitors.

Frankly, I figure the artist did it for the kids.

For several years, I've wanted to get a stereoscopic image of Kenneth Snelson's tensegrity sculpture at the Hirshhorn -- the one I referred to in my game So Far.

Needle Tower, Kenneth Snelson

These aren't great; I should have gotten more stereo separation. Nonetheless, pretty good.

(More Snelson images, including stereograms, can be found at and .)

-- November 5, 2003.

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