Birds in Minneapolis

I went to visit Minneapolis. I took along my new digital camera.

As it turns out, Minneapolis has birds. And as it turns out, my new digital camera isn't very high-resolution!

(No surprise -- Logitech Pocket Digital, $100 list price. It's cheap and it fits in an Altoids box. I chose it for those qualities.)

Birds in the water!
(Loring Park.)

Birds in a tree over the water!

Birds on somebody's lawn!
(Chicago and 40th, give or take several blocks.)

Click on these images to do absolutely nothing; this is as much detail as you get.

These pictures do no justice to how cute (group 1) and weird (groups 2 and 3) these birds were. I have no idea what the tree birds were. They had long necks and long beaks, like water birds, but short legs.

The lawn birds were just sitting there. You know what they looked like? That creepy black bird thing that Edward Gorey drew. There were three of them.

-- July 22, 2003.

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