Martian Landscape: Temples

A simple temple layout file. This contains just three strokes. Each stroke defines a position, a size (determined by the stroke length), and a rotation angle (determined by the stroke's direction). The only other attribute of a temple is the random number seed! The shape of the temple is determined solely by the random-number generator.

The rendered temples. The two on the left have the same seed; they differ only in size.

The figure on the right is one temple, not two. It consists of two levels. The broad upper level (which is quite similar to the individual temples on the left) is precariously balanced on the central spike of the lower level.

(This doesn't actually look very good; the upper level looks too much like a separate temple, behind the first. Most multi-level temples have this problem. I should probably update the algorithm -- perhaps require thicker columns, and make the upper levels narrower.)

Last updated January 21, 2003.

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