The Lemmings of Norstrilia

In my senior year of college, 1991-2, I submitted a weekly comic strip to the college paper. It's worth a laugh, so I'm putting it on-line.

I mean, everybody has an on-line comic strip. Right?

As customary for on-line comic strips, I released one issue per week. But fear not: it's a limited series. There are exactly 15 issues. They're all here now.

The Strips

...And Also

Some notes and addenda about Lemmings.

...And Who Knew?

A teacher at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics wanted to use a version of Volume 3 in her psych class. I said "Sure, what the heck." She had it reimplemented as a Flash animation, which you are welcome to enjoy in either educational or non-educational contexts. (Animation work by Fred Hurteau.)

(Seems to me that she sorta missed the joke -- one rather significant feature of the comic does not appear in the animation. But I guess that wasn't the point she needed for her class. What do I know, I just write the stuff.)

...And Finally

A filler strip I did at the end of, I guess, the fall 1991 semester. It requires no explanation. At least, it better not, because it's not gonna get one.

Last updated August 27, 2002.

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