Icehouse Tournament Medallions

There was a mini-competition to design the award medallions for the Tenth Annual International Icehouse Tournament (July 1999). This is what I came up with.



(Images are links to larger versions.)

The work is done in PostScript, of course. The random arrangement of pyramids is really random -- PostScript has a random operator, so the medals come out differently each time the document is printed. (Heh.) I actually printed six versions of each medal, and then we picked the most pleasing set.

In retrospect, I should have spent a little more time. (And several more test printouts... but I was using a color printer at Kinko's, for way too much money per copy.) There is a color gradient on each of the four finalist medals -- they get darker towards the back (top) -- but it didn't turn out visible on paper. And the rainbow pattern on the winner doesn't seem right. Perhaps a spiral rainbow pattern, rather than the straight radial rainbow I used.

Last updated July 9, 1999.

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