Illuminated castle on a hill above a cloud of blue orbs

About the Game

The Dreamhold is a gentle introduction to the world of IF. It’s a small game, and not too difficult. More importantly, The Dreamhold features the Tutorial Voice -- a helpful guide that will lead you through the basics of playing a text adventure.

[When you see a message like this, it’s the Tutorial Voice speaking!]

The Dreamhold is copyright 2003-4 by Andrew Plotkin. I created it with Inform 6, a free text-adventure development language created by Graham Nelson. My thanks for the beta-testing efforts of many people; notably Emily Short, Dan Efran, Julia Tenney, Karen Fabrizius, and Aleecia McDonald; and also the generous players and commentors of

This web version of the game is powered by Parchment, a Javascript Z-code interpreter. The display font is Gentium Basic, an open-source typeface.

You can also play this game on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Download The Dreamhold from the App Store. (It's free to play, here or there.)

The cover art is based on a photograph by Trey Ratcliff: The Festival of Lights in Lyon (CC by-nc-sa). I remixed it with images of Mercury and Io (NASA, not copyrighted). This image is CC by-nc-sa.

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