Cragne Manor room TUN5: Malign Tunnel (Damon L. Wakes)

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Chapter 1 - Do Not Change Any Of This
Include Cragne Suite by Ryan Veeder.
[Don't mess with other people's rooms!]
TUN is a region.
TUN5 is a room in TUN. TUN5 is down from MBF7.
TUN4 is a room in TUN. TUN4 is southwest from TUN5.
Part 1 - TUN5
Printed name of TUN5 is "Malign Tunnel (Damon L. Wakes)".
[Please remove the automatically generated item list from the room description entirely.]
Description of TUN5 is "The space beneath the boiler room is damp and narrow, little more than a dogleg corridor set into the earth. Something about its shape, its proportions, is deeply unsettling to you. There is a rusting iron ladder leading to the floor above, and a green door leading to the southwest, its paint flaking onto the uneven stone floor. The curving brick walls either side of you arc gracefully inwards to form a vaulted ceiling. You would be able to stand comfortably were it not for the pipes that stretch like tendons above your head."
Before looking in TUN5 forthe first time, say "As you descend the unsteady ladder, a piercing shriek freezes you to your core. Perhaps it is merely pressure being released from some ill-maintained valve in the boiler room above. Perhaps it is something else, waiting in the darkness below."
The description of the player is "[if the player is in TUN5]You look at your hands, stained ruddy orange by the rust clinging to the ladder rungs. You attempt to wipe them clean on your clothes. It makes virtually no difference."
Some heaving pipes are in TUN5. The heaving pipes are scenery. The description of the heaving pipes is "The pipes lead down from the boiler room and along the corridor above your head, following it to the southwest. They seem to heave and pulsate as you watch. You wonder what runs through them."
When listening to the heaving pipes, say "[if the player hasn't listened to the heaving pipes before]You press your ear to the pipes and discover that they are warm. Straining to listen, you hear something like a heartbeat...and then a bone-chilling scream. You stumble backwards in surprise."
When listening to the heaving pipes, say "[if the player has listened to the heaving pipes before]You can't quite bring yourself to do that again."
Some curving brick walls are in TUN5. The curving brick walls are scenery. The description of the curving brick walls is "The brickwork has been laid with care, but it is crumbling from exposure to the all-consuming damp. Blankets of cobweb, thick with dust, lie across the hollows in the mortar. You see nothing of interest and are not inclined to take a closer look."
An uneven stone floor is in TUN5. The uneven stone floor is scenery. The description of the uneven stone floor is "The floor is wet and uneven, with water pooling in the lower spots. If it were not so rough you would be fearful of slipping."