Cragne Manor room SPO2: Outside the Library (Gavin Inglis)

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"SPO2" by Gavin Inglis
Chapter 1 - Do Not Change Any Of This
Include Cragne Suite by Ryan Veeder.
[Don't mess with other people's rooms!]
SPO is a region.
SPO1 is a room in SPO.
SPO2 is a room in SPO. SPO2 is north of SPO1 and southeast of WOO4.
SPO3 is a room in SPO. SPO3 is west of SPO2.
SPO4 is a room in SPO. SPO4 is east of SPO2.
Part 1- Outside the Library
Printed name of SPO2 is "Outside the Library (Gavin Inglis)".
Description of SPO2 is "A short street terminates here. To the south it opens into the town square. To the east, a few worn steps rise to the entrance of the public library, and to the west you can see a real estate office. A gloomy path leads northwest, towards the woods."
SPO4 is up from SPO2.
The inglis-street is in SPO2. The inglis-street is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-street is "short street". Understand "street" and "road" and "short" and "sidewalk" and "pavement" as the inglis-street. Description of the inglis-street is "Well maintained.".
The inglis-steps are in SPO2. The inglis-steps are scenery. Printed name of the inglis-steps is "library steps". Understand "steps" and "stairs" and "worn" and "library" and "public" and "entrance" as the inglis-steps. Description of the inglis-steps is "Neoclassical columns frame a grand entrance. A wheelchair ramp has been constructed beside the steps." Instead of climbing the inglis-steps, move the player to SPO4. Instead of entering the inglis-steps, move the player to SPO4.
The inglis-ramp is in SPO2. The inglis-ramp is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-ramp is "access ramp". Understand "ramp" and "access" as the inglis-ramp. Description of the inglis-ramp is "Crudely installed, but solid enough. Perhaps a little steep for its purpose." Instead of climbing the inglis-ramp, move the player to SPO4.
The inglis-columns are in SPO2. The inglis-columns are scenery. Printed name of the inglis-columns is "columns flanking the entrance". Understand "columns" and "pillars" and "column" and "pillar" as the inglis-columns. Description of the inglis-columns is "Definitely neoclassical. Somebody has scribbled I AM BACKWATER in black permanent marker on the rear of the base."
The inglis-path is in SPO2. The inglis-path is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-path is "path to the woods". Understand "path" and "gloomy" and "crime" as the inglis-path. Description of the inglis-path is "A narrow access between buildings, its flaking plaster familiar from photographs of random crime scenes."
The inglis-plaster is in SPO2. The inglis-plaster is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-plaster is "flaking plaster". Understand "plaster" and "flaking" as the inglis-plaster. Instead of examining the inglis-plaster, say "You are not qualified enough to solve crime in this manner."
The inglis-woods are in SPO2. The inglis-woods are scenery. Printed name of the inglis-woods is "distant woods". Understand "woods" and "forest" and "trees" and "foliage" as the inglis-woods. Instead of examining the inglis-woods, say "Distant, dark foliage.".
[ West ]
The inglis-office is in SPO2. The inglis-office is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-office is "real estate office". Understand "real" and "estate" and "office" as the inglis-office. Description of the inglis-office is "Oddly featureless." Instead of entering the inglis-office, move the player to SPO3.
Instead of examining the player when the location is SPO2: say “You are standing in the middle of the road.”
[ South ]
The inglis-square is in SPO2. The inglis-square is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-square is "town square". Understand "town" and "square" as the inglis-square. Description of the inglis-square is "Some distance away." Instead of entering the inglis-square, move the player to SPO1.
[ Notice Board]
The inglis-board is in SPO2. The inglis-board is fixed in place. Printed name of the inglis-board is "notice board". Understand "notice" and "board" and "noticeboard" as the inglis-board. Description of the inglis-board is "A weatherbeaten community notice board outside the library. Behind glass you can see a community events schedule, a ripped newspaper headline, and the winning stories from a children's writing competition."
The inglis-glass is in SPO2. The inglis-glass is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-glass is "protective glass". Understand "glass" and "protective" and "resource" as the inglis-glass. Description of the inglis-glass is "Glass to protect notices from the weather and casual theft." Instead of attacking the inglis-glass, say "You see your reflection in the glass, and hesitate."
The inglis-reflection is in SPO2. The inglis-reflection is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-reflection is "your reflection". Understand "reflection" and "face" as the inglis-reflection. Description of the inglis-reflection is "You see the face of somebody who hesitates to destroy a community resource."
The inglis-schedule is in SPO2. The inglis-schedule is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-schedule is "community events schedule". Understand "community" and "events" and "schedule" as the inglis-schedule. Description of the inglis-schedule is "Monday: Poetry reading.[line break]Tuesday: Poetry reading.[line break]Wednesday: Cross-stitch. NO GUNS.[line break]Thursday: Poetry reading.[line break]Friday: Alcoholics Anonymous.[line break]Saturday: Poker.[line break]Sunday: CLOSED."
The inglis-headline is in SPO2. The inglis-headline is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-headline is "ripped headline". Understand "ripped" and "headline" and "newspaper" and "paper" as the inglis-headline. Description of the inglis-headline is "'Vicious Animals Are Dismembered In Gory Nightly Excess, Pumped High On Drugs'".
[ Kids' stories ]
To say inglis-story-one: say "'One night I was coming home from school. It was dark. Then I saw a light in the sky. It was a space alium. A light shone down on me and I went on the space ship. They gave me cookies but the chocolate chips were bugs. I was scared. They wanted to take me to their planut but I said I had to be home at 6.30 for dinner. The aliums seemed angry and they dropped me in a pond. My school books got wet. The end.'"
To say inglis-story-two: say "'Benjamin Jefferson was not just the presedent he was also a cowboy. He had a horse named Woodrow and he lived in a coffin with wheels. On Friday he would have a gun fight and he nearly always won. One time he met Doctor Abrhaham and they decided to build doge City. They got help from a friendly beaver.'"
To say inglis-story-three: say "'My father is a member of the Vermont Cheesers. They are a secret society so I am not allowed to talk about them. They meet in The Creamery and they do not allow girls to join. Sometimes I have to wait in the anti-room so I sneak up on the balcony and watch. Every day they bet on a cheese in a sack and if they do not get it right they have to eat the cheese. One man always talks about Maple Smoked Gouda and another man always talks about The Cheese Trail and sometimes they put the cheese down their trousers. They all smile all the time but you can see in their eyes that they are scared.'"
To say inglis-story-four: say "'I have a friend at home she is called Bertrande. She does not go to school. When mom comes in she hides beneath the bed or in the closet and sometimes she makes a joke with a kitchen knife. Bertrande is from France in the sixteenth century where she was a pleasant girl. She was murdured by a noble man and she says if she can collect the bud of an entire family she can travel back in time for revenge. I like her hair.'"
To say inglis-story-five: say "'I hate chores. Mom makes me empty the trash and sweep the yard and get rid of the dead birds that Misty brings in. I cut off the wings and hide them in the crawlspace and stitch them together. Sometimes I catch butterflies and moths and use their wings too. When I am done I will have two sets of wings and find out which one is better. The bird one I will call SuperSwallow and the butterfly one I will call BeeHaMoth. I will fly over Robert Sutherland's house and shit on it.'"
To say inglis-story-six: say "'One day I was mixing paint and I made a new color! It was red and green and pink and all the colors at one time! I painted it on a painting and it made a hole with glowy edges! I tried it on the back of my door and it made a bigger hole! But when I looked through it was not our upstairs but another person's house with different colored walls and leg stuff hanging from the ceiling! I am going to climb through and see if it is an adventure!'"
To say inglis-story-seven: say "'Underneath cars is a good place to hide. Sometimes you jump out and surprise the neighbors but sometimes you just lie there and wait where no-one can see you. You can tell when they get in the car because it comes a bit closer to your face and when they switch it on you sometimes cough. If you hold on to the metal stuff you can sometimes get a free ride but watch out because it burns your hands.'"
To say inglis-story-eight: say "'My uncle showed me a trick where you unscrew a salt cellar in the diner and then the next person gets salt all over their food. I did it a couple of times and stayed around to watch through the window. It was funny. I like to make things better so I swapped the salt for sugar and then for the white stuff from the laundry. If you find a salt cellar with a big enough hole you can also put broken glass in there.'"
To say inglis-story-nine: say "'I am in a band. I play guitar and Stuffy plays guitar and Richard plays guitar and Marie plays drums although she has only got one and Ermentrude sings. Sometimes Ermentrude plays guitar too. We are going on tour in the fall but for now we play live at different places in Backwater. When they catch us they throw us out but we are good at hiding. Our record is thirty-four minutes.'"
To say inglis-story-ten: say "'My dad always takes me to see jazz. It is crap. He says it is the only true American art form. I pretend to listen but I actually try to use psychic powers to make the jazz people explode. I have tried about a hundred times. One time the trumpet man played a wrong note although it is difficult to tell with jazz. Then blood came out the end of his trumpet. Then he fell over. I got ice cream on the way home.'"
To say inglis-story-xxxx: say "'My dog is called Bud. He has a chip in his ear so we can find him if he gets lost. Sometimes the chip flashes blue and Bud looks around the room and chases things. Mom says Bud is not allowed to sleep in my bed but sometimes I smuggle him in. He has not bitten anybody since Grandma.'"
The inglis-story is in SPO2. The inglis-story is scenery. Printed name of the inglis-story is "winning stories from a children's writing competition". Understand "winner" and "winning" and "winners" and "story" and "stories" and "entry" and "writing" and "children's" and "kid's" as the inglis-story. Instead of examining the inglis-story, say "There are a few stories on the board. You choose one at random to read.[paragraph break][one of][inglis-story-one][or][inglis-story-two][or][inglis-story-three][or][inglis-story-four][or][inglis-story-five][or][inglis-story-six][or][inglis-story-seven][or][inglis-story-eight][or][inglis-story-nine][or][inglis-story-ten][in random order]"
[ Comment ]
Commentary of SPO2 is “This room nearly had a tiny free library on a stand, inspired by the Little Free Library on Exchange Terrace, Providence, RI. But it seemed like a waste to put it outside a full-sized library. I love libraries.”