Bigger Than You Think is a choice-based interactive narrative. Every few paragraphs, you will have the opportunity to decide what happens next in the story. Type one of the boldface words to select an option.

This game was written for the Yuletide 2012 fanfic exchange. Here is the Yuletide comment page. The game was inspired -- perhaps loosely -- by Randall Munroe's comic xkcd-1110: "Click and Drag". The touch of Calvino is purely for added flavor.

Bigger Than You Think is copyright 2012 by Andrew Plotkin ( It may be distributed for free, but not sold or included in any for-profit collection without written permission from the author.

Thanks to Zach for beta-testing, and the PR-IF for more pre-release feedback. And very much thank you to all you Yuletiders who left enthusiastic comments during December!

Play Bigger Than You Think now.