One Two Many

One Two Many is a simple word-guessing party game.

To begin the game, players suggest strings (words, phrases, etc). Only two suggestions are accepted (the first two); they are only revealed when both suggestions are in place.

In succeeding rounds, players again suggest strings. They are trying to agree, by finding whatever string is the "obvious" combination of the two guesses from the previous round.

The referee strips leading and trailing whitespace, and compares case-insensitively. To work around other minor differences of spelling or phrasing, the game provides each player a "Yeah, those two guesses are really the same" button. If a majority pushes it, the game is over.

The game supports up to 15 players. The seat IDs are seat1 to seat15. At least two players are required to begin the game.


Referee to player

Note that when a round begins, all guessing and voting is implicitly reset. This is also true on suspend.

Player to referee

Translation tokens

The game requires at least two occupied seats.
Your guess was ignored, because a new round has begun.
You cannot end the game before the first guesses appear.

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