Barsoomite Go (Four-Player)

For the full rules of this game, see my Barsoomite Go page.

All players start the game with 15 points, and there is no "everyone takes five" rule. This keeps scores generally (though not necessarily) positive.

The game flow works like this:

During config phase, the clients can send game.move_root_square and game.move_null_square. The referee will respond with game.set_root_square and game.set_null_square for valid moves.

When the game begins, the referee will immediately send game.turn("red"). The Red client should now accept the player's move, and send game.move. If this is valid, the referee will send game.move, possibly followed by game.bonus. The referee will then send game.turn("blue"), and the cycle will continue.

(All ref-to-client RPCs are broadcast simultaneously to all players and observers. This game has no hidden information.)

Seat IDs


In all of these RPCs, size is an integer 1, 2, or 3. dir is also an integer: 0 for north, 1 for east, 2 for south, 3 for west. Coordinates are zero-based (0..7 for x, 0..3 for y.) tokennum is an integer 0 or 1. (There are two root tokens and two null tokens.)

Client to referee RPCs

Referee to client RPCs

Translation tokens

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