Aquarius is a card game designed by Looney Labs.

Seat IDs

The game has five seats. None of them are marked required, but at least two must be occupied for the game to begin.

The Deck

The deck consists of 55 cards (40 element cards, and 15 action cards). Each card is identified by a unique string. These strings are used in RPCs, both to the client and to the referee, when a card needs to be named.

Note that some cards are identical -- for example, there are two of each "whole element" and three of each action. These duplicates have distinct strings (distinguished by "_1", "_2", etc), and they are distinguished for the purposes of the ruleset and referee. The client may display them as identical, or make them distinct (for decorative purposes).

The action card names begin with act_. The element card names begin with w_, l_, p_, or q_ (for whole cards, half-landscape, half-portait, and quartered). The element card names also describe the elements on each card: a for air, e for earth, f for fire, w for water, v for void.


The board is considered to be a grid that extends in all four directions. The initial card is placed at (0, 0).

Referee to client RPCs

Client to referee RPCs

Each "play" RPC begins with the card that is being played. This card must be in the player's hand.

Translation tokens

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