Uru Live: Change Notices

This page lists the changes that have occurred in the Uru Live world, between its public opening (December 2006) to its shutdown (April 2008). Now that Uru Live is gone, I will retain these pages in their final form. Update: New stuff as of August 2020!

These lists cover only in-game changes: age openings, new items to discover, barriers removed. This page is intended for the Uru player who wants to see new things, but does not have time to play every day (or search the entire game when he does play). Do not look here for bug fixes, server failures, player-organized events, or DRC announcements.

(I am also not generally tracking differences between instances.)

Some of these lists contain spoilers. But you can choose your degree of spoilage.

Web pages:

(All contain full spoilers.)

RSS feeds:

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These are Livejournal syndications of the three RSS feeds above. You can add any of them to your friends list, and you'll see the notifications as regular Livejournal entries.

(No longer supported, as Livejournal has become evil.)

When are these updated?

These pages (and feeds) are not updated minute-by-minute. I have a job, and occasionally something like a life. Back in 2007, I logged into Uru every couple of days; now I just follow the web forums chat forum and the Guild of Archivists wiki.

Also, as a rule, I prefer to log in and see things myself before I write them up.

Therefore, these pages will often be a day or two behind the times. I apologize; that's the way it's going to be. Please do not email me every time something changes. I do not want my mailbox filling up with spoilers! I am an explorer too.

Last updated: November 18, 2023

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