Yokoyama, Yuichi -- Garden

An infinite number of people sneak into an architectural garden. That is the sum and totality of this thing. It isn't a story. The characters (all stylized and distinct, none named) wander through examining things (equally stylized) and remarking on them. Here is a house made of trees. There is a tree made of houses. The dialogue is just like that. It gets weirder and more involuted (blizzards of photographs of the people, replayed video of the scenery, branched sub-explorations of previous scenes) but does not end anywhere.

I confess that I bought this thing because I thought it would be interesting from a game-design standpoint. Games (particularly narrative games) are stuffed full of architecture, frequently for architecture's sake. But even games with awful storytelling are still obsessively interested in storytelling, and this book is not at all.

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