Wollheim, Donald A. -- The Secret of the Ninth Planet [re-read]

I bought this book for one reason: three years ago, Mike Brown did a signing in Boston for How I Killed Pluto and I wanted him to sign a copy of this book. But I didn't own one. Now I do. If Brown ever does another signing, I'll bring it along.

I took the opportunity to read it (which I hadn't done since I was in elementary school). It's exactly what it tries to be -- a boy's-own adventure (written in 1959) in which a teenager tours the solar system. Invent the minimum possible plot which could require this; you've probably replicated this book's gimmick.

The author is optimistic about the invention of antigravity, which he admits in the foreword is probably necessary for manned travel to other planets. Sadly, still waiting.

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