Wilson, F. Paul -- Nightworld

Indeed, Wilson gets back to his core strength: horrible stinking monsters that want to eat your face. Is this a worthwhile climax after twenty-odd books and thirty-odd years? When you put it like that, probably not! So let's put it differently.

This is a nice little semiapocalyptic horror story with callbacks to lots of the preceding books and characters. And lots of horrible monsters. A lot of people die, but the gruesome on-screen deaths are reserved for the deserving. People are heroic, stubborn, angry, and terrified in appropriate proportions. At one point it gets genuinely choke-you-up heartwarming. At another point it rains fish.

I am not sure I'm narratively satisfied with Jack's and Glaeken's ending. It's clearly bought, it's not a cheat, but I wonder how much it was stretched to fit Jack into this rewrite of the universe. At some point I will take a look at the original (1992) edition and compare. In the meantime, it was a good read.

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