Wells, Martha -- The Siren Depths (Raksura, 3) [e-book purchase]

Third book about angsty scaly dragon-people. I'll call this the conclusion of a trilogy, if only because it gets back to the "Fell invasion" threads of book one (thus stranding book two out in middle-book-syndrome land). Also, we finally see a hint of epic-scale historical backdrop, and appropriately climactic trilogy-ending drama. (In an appropriately cinematic setting.) But I wouldn't swear that there won't be a fourth book heading off in some as-yet-unexplored plot direction.

The Fell are an impressive brand of antagonist, precisely because they're not mad-cackling villains; they're just all sociopaths. They lie to get what they want, and then stab you in the back or the face, and never a moment of guilt or shame or empathy. Call it one-note if you like -- it's the opposite of "heroes of their own story" -- but it's damn creepy and rarely done in the genre.

(Belated note: It's very cool that this trilogy is, more or less, a romance -- set in a culture that does not contain "love" as a concept. Nor does the story lean on raging hormones as an excuse.)

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