Vernon, Ursula -- Digger Omnibus

I've known for years that this web comic was floating around, but I only read the early chapters and never followed it regularly. Then I heard it was finished! And there was a Kickstarter, which was a good opportunity to get the whole thing.

The good news is that you probably already know the comic, so I don't have to... okay, okay. Digger ("Digger of Unnecessarily Convoluted Tunnels") is a sapient wombat. As such, she is pragmatic, nonreligious, engineering-oriented, and sports a mean right hook. ("We spend twelve hours a day swinging a pickaxe... we're basically walking biceps.") This leaves her extremely disgruntled when her tunnel becomes magically disarranged and pops her out in a temple of Ganesh the Compassionate -- who has a job for her.

The story winds up as an extended meditation on morality and responsibility. To be clear, it's a hilarious meditation. Digger's air of faint exasperation at the absurdities of the universe (I could explain about the oracular slugs) never gets old. She is not a hero -- I'd say "opposite of a hero", if the term "antihero" weren't already spoken for; she's someone who tackles the right thing because you can't let that sort of thing slip.

The artist elicits wonderful subtleties of expression from a character whose body structure is basically "potato with a nose". It's textured black and white art, which I often have trouble with, but here -- absolutely clear.

Eh, look, everything about this story is great. Go buy it.

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