Tidhar, Lavie -- Camera Obscura

Second book in what-the-hell-is-going-on Victorian-punk series. Milady de Winter is investigating a murder in Paris. It turns out there are zombies involved, and a jade Buddha statue, and Milady is a six-foot-tall African gunslinger, in case you thought you were on familiar ground. We cycle rapidly through Tom Thumb, Mycroft Holmes, H. H. Holmes, Captain Nemo, and a bunch of other references before getting down to the alien invasion plot which is somewhere at the bottom of this mess.

The sci-fi puzzle-pieces here signally fail to fit in with what we know from the previous book, which is either an invitation to finish the trilogy or a warning not to. I will, because I have no idea what the author is leading up to and I rather enjoy the sensation.

This book, taken by itself, is just good old weird-tales adventure, which turns nasty halfway through. I don't mean it's bad, but it winds up as horror-adventure; Milady is put through some pretty traumatic crap, so be prepared for that.

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