Sniegoski, Thomas E. -- A Kiss Before the Apocalypse

Reminds me a lot of Simon R. Green: titanic battles between primal powers, with pedestrian prose treading on all the good parts. And a fetish for the wincingly-lame phrase "so much more than that." (Really, I went to check that Sniegoski wasn't a pseudonym for Green. He's not. Or if he is, he's been writing about six books a year, and needs to be assassinated for the good of the industry.)

Anyhow, it's an angel slumming as a private investigator. It works pretty well, sentence-level construction aside. The most important trick with your typical unstoppable-divine-force protagonist is to give him some reason not to uncork the wings and flaming sword every time a vending machine eats his change. This book manages that, and also gives him convincing connections to the mortal world.

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