Sanderson, Brandon -- The Alloy of Law [e-book purchase]

The Mistborn setting rolled forward a couple of centuries. (Yes, there was that whole reset business, but you know what I mean.) It is now the Industrial Age in town (trains, waistcoats, butlers) and the Wild West out in the country (guns, bandits). Also a couple of new metals have been discovered, so the author has new magic powers to play with. What else do you want?

It's basically a character romp, with the disillusioned retired sheriff, the loveable rogue, the tougher-than-she-looks society girl, and the wastrel scion of a rich family. (Not necessarily four different people). Oh, and the bad guys. And some leftover gods from the first trilogy, although they're almost completely offstage. Anyhow -- things get stolen, plots get plotted, fights get fought. It looks like Sanderson is planning a trilogy in their setting, but it also feels lighter-weight and faster-paced than the first trilogy. Which is fine.

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