Sagara, Michelle -- Cast in Ruin (Elantra 7)

I enjoy this series more every book, and if I try to analyze why I come up with: it alternates between esoteric discussions about magical theory and incredibly uncomfortable social interactions. Occasionally they're the same thing. (The only thing worse than interrogating a Dragon about his reproductive habits is the Dragon knowing that answering is important.) And this is awesome! I don't know why. It's related to the Covenant thing, actually. It's the "heroine pulls out a new magic power every book" trope done not as deus ex magicwand, but as "oh my god, what complexities have I mired myself in this time, what have I made myself responsible for". And the complexities are now, what, seven books deep? and the author has not dropped the ball.

Also, Kaylin Neya is now perceptibly a grownup. She'll always do what she needs to do, and when that includes talking to other people like a grownup, she does that. This may be why she's my hero. Must learn this trick.

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