Reaves, Michael; Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn -- Mr. Twilight

Oddly contrastable to Blood Engines. A dude with serious magical mojo and a closet full of backstory: years of training at a magical academy (Hogwarts it ain't), a sweetheart lost escaping the place, a mansion with secrets, powerful artifacts, an angel and a demon who drop by to offer inscrutable aid. But this time it all works, because all these elements fall into the plot, one at a time. Again, there may be a bunch of stories written about this stuff, but this one can be read as the start of a series.

Plus, it's in the fandom of pulp horror fandom; the story concerns the legacy of a writer, a (fictional) member of the Lovecraft/Derleth/Lin Carter/etc circle. The writers are clearly fond of All That Stuff, and it comes across.

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