Pratt, T. A. -- Dead Reign [e-book purchase]

Marla Mason goes to Hell. It isn't exciting. The author has a talent for describing supernatural events in a bland, workaday mode that fails to bowl me over -- either with the protagonist's reaction or the sheer special-effects awesomeness of it all. I realize I'm picky about this sort of thing: I regularly excoriate Simon Green for putting in special-effects narration that's over-the-top but bad. Richard Kadrey fell down at the job too. For what it's worth, Kate Griffin hits it dead-on.

So, there's my prejudices about fantasy writing laid bare, and I think I'm done with Marla Mason now. (So is the publisher, although the author is web-publishing sequels. If you enjoyed the first few, go hunt up the rest, by all means. I see some series arc shaping up -- the second book was about love, the third about death, the teaser for the fourth implies family.)

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