Pratt, T. A. -- Broken Mirrors [e-book purchase]

We've had Marla vs love and Marla vs family. Now it's time for Marla vs Marla. Which wraps up the first major plot arc, I guess. At least, we have enough apocalyptic catastrophe and consequence to count as the end of an arc, and scenery changes are promised for the next book.

As before, the parallels (Marla's brother last book, her evil twin in this one) serve as effective reflections for just how relatively not-horrible Marla is.

The book comes with author's notes attached (at and I found them salubrious. There are places where I was insufficiently suspicious of Marla's narration. I'd rather cheat than miss the clues entirely. (Although I read the notes after the book, not chapter-by-chapter interspersed.)

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