Morningstar, Jason -- The Shab-al-Hiri Roach

Small RPG: players are faculty in a Miskatonic-oid college, and half of them are infested by a mind-controlling cockroach from the depths of time. Everyone is tussling for status points, but you have to not be a roach slave at the end of the game. The catch is that the cockroach gives you a fat bonus on your status rolls.

The game is structured by a deck of cards, which everyone gets to draw from periodically. The free-willed draw opportunities to forward their schemes for tenure or revenge or whatever; the roach-ridden draw random maniacal commands. You can draw the roach, or the opportunity to free your mind (this costs, of course). The setup ensures that you don't have any real hope of long-term planning -- if you avoid the other schemers and the chaotic fallout of the roach commands, you're just as likely to be roached yourself. So, enjoy the free-for-all. Should be good for a session or two of evil hilarity.

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