Marks, Laurie J. -- Water Logic

Third book about a wonderful magical homeland that got invaded by militaristic assholes. The first two books kicked that cliche into a puddle, along with any other cliches in earshot, and this one jumps up and down in the puddle wearing pink polka-dotted galoshes. The question was not how to repel the invaders -- they're here, they've been living here for decades. Nor was it how to kill them; the war is over. It's how to rebuild a country out of whatever it is that war leaves behind. The series is relentlessly personal, familial, and full of love. I bet you think that sounds sappy.

In fact Water Logic is not my favorite of the series so far; it's a time-travel plot, which is not handled particularly deeply. But it's got plenty of what I like about the books.

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