Lynch, Scott -- The Republic of Thieves

If you're not already a Gentleman Bastards fan, stop reading; go read The Lies of Locke Lamora instead. If you are, you have one significant question, which is: "Is this the Sabetha book?" Yes, yes it is. Your next question is: "But how can it be the Sabetha book without Sabetha upstaging Locke, or, worse, Locke upstaging Sabetha?" And the answer is: because they're opposing each other.

The question after that is "If Locke and Sabetha are engaged in some grand duel of bastardy, isn't the entire city going to wind up collapsed, on fire, and sunk into the swamp?" (That isn't a spoiler, that's what I was wondering by part 2.) I'll leave that unanswered.

Mixed in we have another flashback storyline, to the Teen Bastards, which means a generous helping of Calo and Galdo (and even a brief ambiguous appearance of Bug). Along with the early Locke/Sabetha interaction that we've been missing.

So, basically, this book has everything that you want, and you will tear through it in no time.

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