Kearney, Paul -- Corvus

This turns out to be a sequel, but the first book was apparently a barely-filed-down Anabasis. This one is about the mercenary who led his army home, only it's twenty years later and maybe he should think about staying home now? Instead of going out on campaign every year? Raise a few vegetables, have a lot more sex with his wife? Except this new warleader seems to be conquering Greece (I mean, not Greece, but it's Greek) and he's recruiting enthusiastically.

This is an interesting setting; there's no magic, except for a few hundred sets of impenetrable armor floating around as family heirlooms. There are bare hints that this is technology rather than magic. It's not part of the plot at all; the plot is about the army stomping its way through the city-states, and it's a fine plot with a whole lot of excellent characters. The fat asshole is the best.

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