Johns, Geoff; Mahnke, Doug; Alamy, Christian -- Green Lantern, 2011 (issues 00-18) [e-book purchase]

I tried an issue of this (having also watched through the animated TV series), liked it okay, and decided to try a longer chunk. (I am buying through Comixology at $2 per issue.)

Decent reading, but not enough to get me back into buying comics regularly. The first year consists of Hal Jordan and Sinestro chewing on each other's asses while dealing with a crisis on Sinestro's home planet. This was good stuff, with Jordan trying to get Sinestro to take him seriously and Sinestro utterly failing to bother; followed by Sinestro wanting to be a hero to his people, and that doesn't go so well either.

Then issue 13 started a new storyline (and the "Muslim GL" arc that I vaguely remember making waves last year). This seemed decent, but it was a lot of history-of-the-universe material ("ten billion years earlier", the First Lantern, etc) and I only get into that if I can go out and slurp up every hint of relevant source material. Which I won't do with a 75-year-old comic series. I don't even want to get into "New Guardians" or "Green Lantern Corps", which appear to be bouncing this story arc back and forth with "Green Lantern". Multithreaded narrative is cool and all, but again, not unless I can follow it all.

So I am ending this experiment and going back to buying occasional comic miniserieses. Mostly ones by Warren Ellis, or by webcomics authors who I do read regularly.

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