Hanover, M. L. N. -- Graveyard Child (Black Sun 5) [e-book purchase]

Fifth in urban fantasy series about supernatural parasites, and the parasites that hunt them. This wraps up a major plot arc; many dangling plot threads are resolved, including some that you probably didn't realize have been dangling, because the author is clever like that. Mind you, the author is also clever enough to leave clear room for more sequels. Still, if you were waiting for "the series to end" before diving in, you can grab these five and have a reasonable run.

My extremely clever parabiological theory remains unsupported by the text. Ah well. Since I've been slyly alluding to it for four reviews now, I might as well dish: I believe that, in this series, human "souls" (consciousness) are just another species of demon, low on the magic scale but co-evolved to inhabit hairless apes. Maybe this will be the shocking revelation in book ten, who knows.

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